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Once a week, as a change from the day one and two schedule, there is a Sign-Up Day.

Each camper has the opportunity to select with activities they would like to participate in for the day. Instead of a typical day with 4 one-hour periods, the day is broken up into 6 forty-five minute periods.

Options include regular activities such as archery, canoeing, swimming, etc... and special activities such as yoga, nature walks, hairwraps, aquafit, and many more!


Every two weeks, the whole camp participates in a Tournament Day. Instead of participating with their usual cabin groups, campers are divided into unique program groups and spend the morning team building, training and preparing for the afternoon round robin tournament. The day culminates with a final game versus the Bellaleo “All Star Team,” aka the Senior Staff!


Some of the sports include: water polo, beach volleyball, basketball, ultimate frisbee and soccer baseball​.


Every other week we look forward to our performance night, “Bellaleo Live!” Each cabin, as well as the Staff and L.I.T.s, prepare a skit and practice throughout the week to then perform in front of the entire camp. Examples of classic skits include Celebrity Jeopardy, Bellaleo News, The Spartans and more!

We are often blown away by the creativity and effort put into these performances. Bellaleo Live is also an important "turning point" in the lives of the campers throughout the entire camp.  Cabin groups emerge from Bellaleo Live closer and more connected than ever. Cabins must work together to create and perform a skit which requires trust, courage, communication and conflict resolution. The magic of camp is truly felt on this night, as campers can really come out of their shell with the support of their cabin to express their creative talents.


Every other week, the Program staff plan a special Theme Day, where campers are treated to a unique and fun day of program that revolves around a particular theme.

Past Theme Days include: Halloween, Christmas, Olympics, Survivor, Minions, Frozen, Harry Potter, and Stranger Things.


Just as “Bellaleo Live” takes place during the first week of camp, in 2019 “Bellapalooza” was first created and introduced to be its equal for campers that arrive to Bellaleo the following week. By 2023, it has now become something much larger and exciting than we could have ever imagined.


Rather than creating a funny and unique skit as a cabin, Bellapalooza is a night of pure musical expression through dance and movement. Early during the week, each cabin is given a different Genre and Time Period of music such as: Pop in the 1990’s or Hip Hop & RnB in the early 2000’s, Classical from the 1980’s, or even Disney songs from movies in the last decade.


The quality and hilarity of the choreographed performances that our Cabins,  Staff, and L.I.T’s come up with has been truly astonishing. Now every week of camp has its own unforgettable night of artistic expression!


Throughout the session there are several meals where the entire camp dresses up to a theme.

Some past theme meals include Punks, Twins, Silent Supper, Backwards (ex. Begins with Dessert), Crazy-Hair, and SuperHeroes.

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