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At Bellaleo, our goal is to provide a safe, and family-like experience where each camper feels a strong sense of belonging allowing them to grow emotionally, socially and spiritually in a caring and supportive environment. We are passionate about fostering personal growth and building meaningful relationships among our campers. We value each camper as a unique person and we strive to meet their individual needs so they can reach their full potential. Campers will also learn the necessary skills to live cooperatively with their cabinmates and leaders, built on a shared understanding and commitment to trust, respect, kindness and inclusion. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are dedicated to creating a positive community where campers are comfortable to be their authentic selves. Through making mistakes, learning from them, working outside of their comfort zone, campers begin to focus on the “we” instead of “me”. Campers will develop friendships that last a lifetime. Ultimately we want each camper to “bring camp home with them”, leaving Bellaleo with a stronger sense of self, appreciation for others and the land in which we live on. Through respect, gratitude and compassion Bellaleo campers’ return home with the ability to impact their friends, family and communities. 

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