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CHAPEL HILL  is a very special place: quiet, serene, and nestled in among hundreds of pine trees. This is where we have our Sunday morning chapels and our whole-camp campfires.

Chapel is non-denominational but we draw material from Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Confucious. Talks tend to be centred around certain themes: bullying and individuality, eating disorders and self-esteem, heroes and heroines, peer pressure, self-actualization and introspection.

We've talked about Mahatma Gandhi and Lance Armstrong, Martin Luther King Jr. and Chief Seattle, Victor Frankl, Allen Iverson, Reno Bertoia and Abraham Maslow.

Music is intertwined with the chapel talks as well: from Harry Chapin to Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot to the Beatles, classical to rap - anything that helps us communicate with young people.

Any questions, ideas or suggestions are welcome:
Please email Zak Haddad at:

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